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Druze Chronology

30/8/1925  وصل إلى بيروت مخفوراً نجيب أفندي الريس رئيس تحرير جريدة بريد الشرق الدمشقية ومعه اثنان من المعتقلين ...more

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DHF Established in 1999 in London, UK, on the initiative of Mr. Salim Kheireddine, the Druze Heritage Foundation (DHF) is an independent, apolitical institution whose aims are the study and preservation of Druze culture, history and lore and the dissemination of information on all matters relating to the Druze in their Arab homelands and abroad.
Deeply rooted in the varied and multi-religious Arab culture of their Middle Eastern homelands, the Druze are at the same time part of a transnational society, represented by highly adaptable and law-abiding immigrant communities abroad. It is our hope that the activities of the Druze Heritage Foundation will contribute toward constructive dialogue and serve to link the diverse cultures of the world.

The work of DHF involves:

  • Research and publication
  • Collection and collation of oral traditions
  • Compilation of literary and documentary material
  • Sponsorship of academic studies
  • Organization of conferences and workshops
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